Football Academy

AFL Congratulates School Sport Victoria Premier League Winners awarded to BHSSC 2014.  Well Done from all at BHSSC.


The following goals for the football program are:

  • To improve the ability of all players within the program working in conjunction with any out of school football demands.
  • To be competitive in all school football games.


SENIORS (Year 11 and Year 12)

• Strength and circuit and rehabilitation (non compulsory)
• Tuesday       8.30-11.30am: This will be a combination in three group of weights, skills and kick training.
• Wednesday  2.30 – 3.30pm: Skills session Whole Squad
• Thursday      8.30 – 10.45am: Weights/skills and speed training

INTERMEDIATE (Year 9 and Year 10)

• Tuesday      9.00am – 10.30am: Skills
                      11.50am – 12.50pm: Weights
• Wednesday 1.00pm – 2.00pm: Skills session Whole Squad
• Friday         10.50pm – 12.20pm: Weight/Speed session

• Girls are part of the Athlete Development program.

• All injured players are encouraged to get assessments.
• A physio is available from 9.00am - 11.00am on Tuesdays..
• Bookings are essential and should be done the day before by writing down your name on the clipboard outside the Sport office.
• This service is provided by a senior physiotherapist from Bounce Physiotherapy

• All players are to attend (injured or not)
• Appropriate college football gear (No board shorts or jeans etc)
• Bring a water bottle especially during Term 1. (Be aware of proper hygiene please)
• Runners are to be worn during the session on the oval during Term 1. ( This is a request from the council)

The Academy caters for players with differing out of school demands. Our program complements these other demands and enhances the overall training of the individual, not creating conflict between the college’s expectations and out of school training demands.

The welfare of all players is of paramount importance in the football program. The program is structured to cater for the individual demands of each group.

Players within the TAC Cup player grouping will only be available for school games after consultation has taken place between the school coach and the TAC Cup clubs. So that everyone within the program is aware of who is available as early as possible, a decision will be made about a week prior to the school commitment.

Availability will be decided upon on an individual basis for each and every game the school plays. Issues such as Vic Metro commitments, injury history, game time at TAC level, length of time between TAC Cup games (ie. 6, 7 or 8 days) among other things all need to be considered. The TAC Cup club may have the final decision on a player’s availability.

This year introduces a new competition for the Senior Boys. Under the auspices of the SSV (School Sport Victoria) we will participate in the Premier League with other like minded schools that run football programs.

The competition aims to have 8 teams competing in two pools of four. The two pool winners will play on the MCG in the grand final. The eventual winner will represent the SSV and play semi finals in the Herald Sun Shield against other association winners such as the Ballarat schools, AGS, ACC etc

The purpose of the change is to provide a higher standard of football that has been lacking in the former VSSSA competition.

Academic requirements (GPA)

Students are required to maintain a GPA (Grade Point Average) above 2.0.

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