Course Selection

Student Learning

Providing a quality teaching and learning program is a fundamental component of the College’s success. Students learn best in a positive and highly motivated environment. Our Teaching and Learning Model reflects our commitment to highly effective teaching and personalised learning. The BHSSC learning trinity embraces three interconnected themes:

  • Learning to make a Life
  • Learning to make a Living
  • Learning to make a Difference

These statements encapsulate our beliefs about the role of education in the lives of young people. As a College we hold the following to be true:

  • All students are capable of learning
  • Effort is important
  • Learning will be influenced by emotion
  • Deep learning is a dynamic process
  • Learning involves risk taking and making mistakes
  • Our environment, including the company we keep, will affect our learning

Safe and supportive learning environment

For learning to take place, students need to feel connected to an environment in which they feel valued and respected. We establish and maintain a learning environment that encourages and motivates students to do their personal best by:

  • Creating a physical environment that is conducive to learning
  • Promoting risk taking opportunities for learning
  • Encouraging ownership and responsibility for spaces and personal behaviour
  • Providing autonomy within structure
  • Challenging students to reflect on their own learning
  • Showing empathy for the learner
  • Building positive relationships amongst all College members 

Ready to Learn

Ready to learn articulates the expectation of students at Box Hill Senior Secondary College. To be Ready to Learn students must demonstrate ROaR. Respect, Organisation and Responsibility.  Students have the following expectations and staff are required to use the language contained in this document to ensure consistency.


Teaching and Learning Model

The staff at Box Hill Senior Secondary College are committed to providing targeted teaching methods based upon the latest research.  Our Teaching and Learning Model centres on four main pillars of learning.