Year 9

Box Hill Acceleration and Innovation Program – A Pathways Approach  


Box Hill Senior Secondary College has a strong tradition of providing opportunities for students to develop programs of study in areas of interest that provide pathways to further study, training and employment.

Middle Years learning in Year 9 is personalised and inclusive, featuring creative and collaborative design and authentic and real work that matters to all students as successful community members.

Student voice and choice

Students are provided with greater agency, choice and academic experience through a core plus elective curriculum structure.
During Year 9 students are offered a unique opportunity to:

•    Develop learning skills in preparation for future study in Years 10 and 12 and beyond
•    Focus on developing their life skills by strengthening and engaging with the broader community
•    Be involved in a range of programs and initiatives designed to build their self-confidence, foster independent learning and develop a greater
     sense of respect for themselves as well as others
•    Enter Years 10 to 12 with confidence and a clear sense of direction.

Particular emphasis is placed on developing 21st century skills and learning and work related competencies such as:

•   Creativity and Innovation
•   Communication and Collaboration
•   Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
•   Time Management
•   Information, Media and ICT Literacy Skills
•   Working in Teams
•   Leadership Qualities
•   Life and Career Skills

Further information about the Year 9 curriculum structure and core and elective units is in the 2021 Years 9 – 12 LEARNING PROGRAMS PATHWAY SELECTION HANDBOOK