Student Advocacy and Wellbeing


To promote mental, social, physical and emotional health for young people in order to enhance learning and life course outcomes.



At BHSSC, students are supported in their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development by a highly professional group of teachers and student services staff.  The guiding philosphy at this College is that happy, healthy, resilient students learn better and achieve their personal best when they feel supported and valued as an individual.

The relationships at BHSSC are outstanding and students are treated fairly, with respect and as young adults.



Advocacy is a pastoral care model designed to provide positive impact on engagement in learning, attendance, academic achievement, school retention and psychological and social wellbeing.

An 'Advocate' is a staff member who is allocated to a group of students who meet regularly each week to explore the student's engagement in learning and possible barriers to success.

Advocacy also has a wellbeing focus and during the weekly sessions, teachers may cover the following topics:-

  • Positive education/positive psychology
  • Goal setting, study skills, time management
  • Resilience
  • Respectful relationships
  • Student attendance and retention
  • General engagement in learning and academic achievement
  • Psychological and social wellbeing
  • Career guidance