Student Leadership

School captains 2020

BHSSC embraces a Student Leadership program which enables students to have a voice in college events and participate in a range of diverse initiatives.  These initiatives are designed to promote connectedness and wellbeing throughout the college.

The Student Leadership Committee has student representatives from all year levels. These students become involved in one or more of the four focus areas:

  1. College Environment
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Community
  4. College Events

These areas of focus enable student involvement and facilitation of Year Level Assemblies, the Annual Celebration dinner, Year 12 Formal, Anzac Day Ceremony, Interest Groups and Commemorative jumpers. The Committee also works to encourage peer support within the Advocacy program.

Student Representatives are self-appointed and all have a desire to express their student voice on a range of issues relating to events, facilities and Teaching and Learning areas. These students act as ambassadors for the College at  public events and College tours.  In addition, students participate in seminars and regular meetings that expand their communication and organisation skills.  Furthermore, student leaders will have the opportunity to promote the College through social media.