Athlete Development


Program Overview

Since its commencement in 2010, this program has catered for the diverse needs of  a large number of elite and semi-elite athletes from  sports such as cycling, down hill skiiing, track and field and triathlon. For some athletes this program has assisted them in pursuing  their goals of State and National team representation in their chosen sport.

Athletes have the opportunity to follow an appropriate fitness and conditioning program and to access facilities, coaches, physiotherapists and fitness testing.  

Strength and conditioning staff  work closely with individual athletes and their coaches to ensure that the training compliments outside training loads and that an appropriate program is being administered. A unique aspect of the program is that it enables athletes from non-team sports to to train in a team environment.

Athletes from the following team sports form part of this  program:-

  • Cycling
  • Rugby Union - Girls and Boys
  • Soccer - Girls and Boys

  Program Components:

The high performance program consists of:-

  • Weekly physiotherapy assessment
  • Cardiovascular session
  • Speed and agility session
  • Individualised strength and conditioning program


 Active Lifestyle P/L has been engaged by the College to provide the professional services required for this program.