Bring Your Own Device

Box Hill Senior College is committed to a Bring Your Own Device.   Students who enrol and attend our college are strongly encouraged to have their own device and use it as part of their day-to-day learning.    Our teachers use a mixture of technology in the classroom to enhance learning experiences including the use of Microsoft 365, Google Classroom, Adobe suite and other web passed programs.

Students who do have their own device can purchase one from a suite of suggestions available through our tech partner Edunet.

Students who do not have their own device can access either windows or Mac based desktops through our library. During class time, teachers can book a limited number of laptops on a lesson loan basis to support students who do not have access to technology.

Please refer to our digital learning policy below.

Mac & Windows based labs

As part of our commitment to providing students access to high end digital resources that will enhance their skills relevant to their digital or design pathways, we have a window-based lab featuring industry standard CAD software positioned to allow students in our wood, technology, building, construction, and trade area. Within our Arts precinct we have a modern Apple-Mac lab which allows our media, VCD and digital design students to develop, design and create digital based artwork.

Digital Cameras & Media equipment

The College is well resourced with a range of digital media equipment, accessed through our library and bookable to be used during school hours to enhance student project-based experiences.  This equipment includes digital cameras, SLRs, microphones and audio-digital technology.


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