General – Day to Day Uniform requirements

Wearing of a school uniform is not a compulsory part of a student’s general experience at Box Hill Senior Secondary College.  Students are invited to purchase and wear any of the items listed through our uniform supplier.

The College does not have have a traditional “uniform” for students to wear but there are clear expectations regarding clothing that is worn. As the College is a “workplace”, students cannot wear the following for O.H. & S. reasons:

  • Thongs, crocs, sandals and any other form of open toe shoe is not permitted.
  • Tank-tops or other clothing that exposes the mid-riff (stomach area) are also not allowed, due to Sun Smart and general O.H. & S. expectations.
  • Pyjamas and other associated clothing are also not permitted, as these are not appropriate for a workplace environment.
  • Students undertaking trade training subjects or programs must ensure that clothing covers all aspects of the arms and legs, along with long hair being tied back to reduce any potential safety issues whilst undertaking these applied learning programs.

Please note that there are policies surrounding some of our program-based learning experiences that students are required to follow.

Commemorative Jacket / Hoodie

Year 12 Students can order a commemorative hoodie / jacket, this is ordered separately through the college and not our uniform supplier.  As is the case with most of these jackets / hoodies, there is an option to tailor the item with a student’s self-selected name.  These will be vetted by our Senior school team for school appropriateness.

Sport Academy Students

Students in the Sport Academy are required to purchase the relevant Box Hill Senior Secondary College training uniform.   It is a condition of training sessions as well as competition and tournament participation that students be dressed in the correct uniform.   Students who are not dressed in the Box Hill Senior Sports uniform will not be permitted to train or participate in competitions.

VET Subjects and Uniform

Students will be directed by individual teachers / VET providers to purchase relevant and required work uniform associated with their chosen Vocational Education subject.   Students whose attire is not “work safe” will not be permitted to participate based on workplace Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.

To purchase Box Hill Senior Secondary College uniform, please register and order online through OnTrack   uniform supplier.

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