Due to the breadth of programs that are offered here at Box Hill Senior Secondary College, we acknowledge that a range of students may travel from out of the local area to attend school. Currently there is no designated “school bus” service run by the College but there are many public transport options for parents to consider. In general terms, Box Hill Central, is the closest transport hub and is approximately 10 minutes walk from the College. This transport hub has multiple transport line options to allow students to travel from across Melbourne to BHSSC. Parents should be aware, that attendance at school is compulsory from 9am-3pm each day, so when considering transport links to BHSSC, all families should consider an individual travel timetable that ensures that enough time is allowed for students to arrive on time every day.

Other relevant transport information to be considered:

Other tram/bus routes to BHSSC:

From Box Hill Train Station to BHSSC:

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