We embrace a culture of learning that is future facing, where all students are encouraged to achieve 12 months growth for 12 months learning

Box Hill Senior Secondary College is committed to the provision of highly rigorous and engaging learning opportunities that provide all our students an opportunity to meet their fullest potential.

At the centre of our learning culture is ensuring our students are future ready, that they are responsible for their learning and for forming strong partnerships with their teachers to ensure individual success.

As a College we hold the following to be true:

  • All students are capable of learning and reaching their fullest potential.
  • To be successful, students, teachers and all staff must work together as collaborators, to challenge one and other and innovate through learning for success
  • Learning will be influenced by positive emotion and a belief in learning as a process
  • Learning involves diving deep into challenges, failing, and using grit to strive and surface stronger and with a deeper understanding about content and concepts being explored

Safe & Supportive Learning Environment

For learning to take place, students need to feel connected to an environment in which they feel valued and respected. At Box Hill Senior Secondary College, our learning environment encourages and motivates students to do their personal best by:

  • Believing that it is the responsibility of our entire community to create a physical environment that promotes creativity, challenge, and curiosity
  • Expecting our learners to be highly responsible for cocreating positive learning experiences that promote effort, endeavour, and excellence in learning
  • Challenging students to continually reflect on their own learning, set goals and work hard to achieve them
  • Building positive relationships amongst all College members 

Ready to Learn…Ready to Teach

Our strong philosophy of learning is that for students and staff to be successful every lesson they must be ready to learn – ready to teach. That is both staff and students must be ready to learn from each other and ready to share ideas, concepts, skills, and knowledge through teachable moments.

<Insert revised and revamped ready to learn diagram – MAPS to help with this>

Our LEARN Instructional Model

At the heart of learning at the college is our instructional model. This ensure that learning processes are predictable and engaging – reliant on a partnership between students, teachers and learning support.

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