Football (Soccer)

The BHSSC Football (Soccer) program began in 2021 and has developed into a program of 22 students who train 3 times a week. Training sessions are based on the brand-new synthetic pitch at the Veneto club. 

BHSSC Program Details

The program aims to improve the performance of every student Football (Soccer) athlete and is available to all male and female Football (Soccer) players who wish to further develop their individual game. 

On Field Training

Strength & Conditioning

Each student will be provided with an individualised strength and conditioning program and participipate in a session every week which focuses on  developing a player’s fitness, strength, power, speed and agility, specifically for the sport of Football (Soccer). 


The main competition for students is School Sport Victoria Premier League, where government schools who have a Football (Soccer) program compete against each other to ultimately determine the best Football (Soccer) team in the government system. 

Students also have the opportunity to compete in School Sport Victoria district competition. 

  • Football (Soccer) Head Coach – Harry Bingham 
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